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Looking for a clan of equals

I prefer zombies but I like to play TDM.  If I could find a clan that is large enough to support both that'd be great. 



I've been played COD since World at War on the Wii (ranked top 80 in wins).  Last 3 titles on PS3.  I've gone 45 rounds on Kino Der Toten online which is my favorite map.  Without a few good players, I can't go further.  I'd like to see if I could get to 70.  My preferred weapons on Kino are MP40 and Crossbow.  My TDM still is usually tactically conservative.  Do I camp?  No.  I try to get more kills than be killed.  Isn't that the point of TDM? 

Also, I'm in my late 30's.  I don't mind being in a clan with younger players as long as everyone is relatively respectful. I prefer a clan with their act together and has a website/forum and plays regularly.  Oh, and I'm in US Northeast.


So, I am probably asking for a lot.  I'm open to any comments.  PS3 tag is SW_Echo.  You can find me on twitter too @SW_Echo. 


Also, if you can't get past 30 rounds on Kino, msg me.  I can show you what I know.