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anyone like overkill, but wish they could run assassin with it!?  overkill is not overused, so why not make it a third tier perk? please!?


i never used to run assassin, but now that it is super easy for people to get recon, im forced to run it on nearly all my classes, except one!  i stopped prestiging and unlocked all attatchments for all my guns, so naturally i found that with overkill i can run a silenced and extended mp7, with a silenced thermal m14, which is soo nice, but i have to go without assassin!?  the recon in this game is terrible, and i find that if i run my overkill setup too much, ill get reconed the next game, to no end!?  sure my elite setup is noob, but because i choose not to run with a clan, i feel this balances out the universe.  do u think there is any possibility of call of duty really mixing up the perks!?