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I am a elite premium member, have downloaded and installed every "drop" as it has become available. I have not had the chance to play in well over a week, and now it tells me 'Playing with original maps only. Download all DLC content you are entitled to from the store in order to play on DLC maps'. I thought, at first, my system had a "hiccup" and somehow forgot I already DID download and install these DLC's, but apparently not. I re-downloaded, and installed, all the drops, yet it still tells me the same damn thing..... WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!! I will try and play again tomorrow night. If this happens again, there goes my "premium" membership dollars, and I may even cancel my pre-order for Black Ops 2....... THIS IS BULLSHIT, ACTIVISION..........

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    This happened to me. There was 1 faceoff map I didn't have downloaded and installed. After that everything was back to normal. I believe I went to try and play a 1vs 1 and it took me to the download I needed. Hope this helps. It did the trick for me. The odd thing was that it said I could only play original maps but the newer ones would still come up in the rotation. Just a bug. Aren't computers/consoles wonderfull? :)

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    i really think from reading all content on forum's that the whole ps3 system has been hacked into AGAIN, this is not good ps3, and it isnt fair to have to go and download all dlc maps again, i cant blame people now for not wanting to buy anymore of these maps, you r having a laugh activision, get your finger out and sort this **** out

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    I think I just found out whats going on Infinity Ward haven't put Vortex, U-Turn, Intersection and Arctic Recon on the "IN-GAME" STORE only on the STORE that can be accessed via the XMB Menu. Go to the STORE search for "Elite July Drops" click on "Elite July Drops" then click "Get Now" it should say "Purchase Successful" go back and then in the column look for your language(Product Key) e.g "Elite July Drops EN" click it, click "Download" and click "Download All" and that should let you play your maps.

    If it worked share this with every forum relating to this problem please.


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