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Looking for People to Play With!



I've been playing mw3 a lot more recently on a new account that I wasn't planning on prestiging so I could get all guns to max level, but I also want to win and my teammates seem to be a roadblock for me.  Just yesterday I had a 33-9 TDM game, and my team still lost by 20+ kills...  I'm a player that can hold my own, I'm just looking for a few buddies that are good enough to help me win matches!  My K/D is like 1.54 at the moment and although I primarily play TDM to avoid the hackers (which still fails at times), I'm open to playing any gamemode really.  I'm just looking to have a good time and hopefully win (a lot of) matches.  Unfortunately, my w/l is just under 1 but that's what randoms do lol.  I do not own a mic however, so you may have to deal with that... Oh, I'm currently maxing shotguns out and I'm not halfway done yet, so expect me to be flanking and tearing people down with the shottys right now!


The name of the account I'm using is Ajax, and the FC is 1713-5930-1883.  So, hit me up with your fcs and lets get playing!