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(Xbox Only) (Quickscope/Trickshot Only) Grafiq looking for new members *Change Gamertag*

Hey guys

Grafiq is looking for new members. We currently only have two but that is only because we started a couple of days ago. We are a quickscope/trickshot only clan who plays on Mw2 and Mw3. The only requirement is that we might change our gamertags to Grafiq ________ to look more professional. Your kd, w/l ratio etc doesnt matter. You dont need a mic and you need to be able to quickscope at least. You must have Mw2 as we play on that more but you don't really need Mw3. If you want to join send a message through xbox live to TeQniQ Fate or send a requets through elite. We will then give you a tryout.


TeQniQ Fate