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Im still using original PS3 i bought Nov. 2006


So a few friends came over due to the fact it was a getting out of the military party. I introduced them to my "Man Cave" and they noticed i still have and still using my PS3 from '06.


     They also noticed my 500+ game library that includes PS2 games. I said yea my PS3 plays PS2.......They didnt beleieve so i put in my Castlevania game and they all started laughing like i was a comedian. They were all in awe awe of my collection and couldnt believe my ps3 still works.


     I have another ps3 in the livingroom thats newer just for bluray movies but my man cave is where i do my gaming.


So i guess my question is why is it so hard to believe old ps3's are still around ? Mine works perfectly and does the job. No noise no freezing. I take it apart every now and again to clean it so it can last. I even got a few offers to sell it. But in return i just laughed back in their face.


  I think maybe i just got a well built one. Pretty lucky i guess