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Spiderman Darkest Days

Somewhere in the future where time itself was forgotten


Unknown figure: Come and catch me if you can criminal!


Spiderman: I'll get you freak!


punches UF in the left arm


You are going to pay for what you did to my life!


punches figure in the stomach


You ruin my career as a superhero!"


punches him in the face


You made the press think I was a bad guy!


punches figure in the right arm


And you killed my best friend!


punches UF in the ribs


So now you deserve to die!


Spider man keeps punching until the figure is injured badly but the figure wasn't giving up that easily


UF: So is that how you want to play then? I have this little device and this is going to get you as badly injured as me freak!


UF pushes the button on the device and Spiderman is frozen and UF punches Spiderman until he is as badly injured as the unknown figure


SM: I will fight with my every last breath to kill you! Arrr!


Spiderman finally defeats the figure and leaves him in the middle of the street


Citizen: Someone call 911 this person is badly injured!


The paramedics get the scene 5 minutes later


Paramedic: Get this figure to the hospital now I don't care if you break the speed limit just go the fastest you can!


Soon the paramedics and the figure arrive at the hospital


Nurse: Doctor take this figure right now now he needs medical attention!


Doctor: I will do it right now!


10 minutes later when tbe figure is in a medical facility room


Nurse: Damn It! We're losing him!


the figure's best friend who knows his true identity James Web walks in


James Web: What the hell happened to him?


Doctor: I don't know but we are trying to find out.


Nurse: Doctor he is gone forever we have lost him!


James has a sad look on his face


Doctor: We tried everything we could and I mean everything.


James: You mean to tell me that you tried everything and he died?!


Doctor: Well not everything because some of the stuff was too risky.


James: At least you could have done some of the risky stuff and he would still be alive! I can't believe you let him die how could you?


James walks out of the building and take the corpse of his best friend and blows up the hospital and everybody dies.


James now notices on the back of his best friend's costume there was a sign of a ripped spider emblem


James: I will kill the person that did this to you and I know who it is Spider Man!


2 days later the funeral for the figure was held


Tony Stark: He was a great friend of mine one of the best people that fought for his cause to protect the citizens and defeat the criminals of New York and whoever cause the death of my friend he will pay with his own life for this.


Every superhero that came to his funeral said he same words over and over until it was time for the noble hero of New York to be buried


Steve Rogers: We will all miss you very much man very much it won't be the same without you here.


The words that Steve Rogers spoke were the last words to be spoken at the funeral as the body was buried


A couple days later at the secret lab the noble hero had


James: I will continue to fight for you and become the new Hobgoblin and Spider Man will be wiped off the face of the Earth!


to be continued

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