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REPORT: Microsoft/Time Warner may buy Activision Blizzard from Vivendi

PC gamers throw out your voices now if Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard from Vivendi we can be sure that they will make Call of Duty exclusive probably for next gen Xbox or if they do continue to release Call of Duty for PC it would use Games for Windows Live and we all know how terrible that software is.


Step it up and do not let Microsoft buy Activision Blizzard and ruin our video game experience on the PC Microsoft are money grabbers and would leave us to dust and force us to buy Xboxes' which I will never do no such thing I play on the PC for life if Microsoft does buy Activision Blizzard we need to force them and tell them we want Call of Duty on PC as well not just consoles and make sure it will never have Games for Windows Live.



Read this link and shoot comments if you think it is real or fake and what you think about all of this.


http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/07/11/could-microsoft-or-time-warner-buy-activi sion