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What's more important to you: K/D ratio or Win%?


The highest my K/D has been so far is 1.00 which isn't the greatest. I play alot of Demolition(favorite game type) and I actually play the objective unlike a lot of people, so I have a lot of deaths. Personally some people are obsessed with their K/D, however to me its more satisfying to have a average to somewhat under average K/D and come out with the win , rather then have a high K/D and lose.


I'm a clan leader with no K/D requirements to join , a few of my members have a +1 K/D with the majority is 1.00 and under. We tend to win a lot of game based off teamwork and communication, even though we don't have the best K/Ds. I've played with people that have high K/D but terrible teammates, I don't care how good you care if you're not a team player I don't want you in my clan.


I've had games were I had a great K/D which is awesome, but wasn't happy if I lost. What's interesting to me is you have these people that have high K/Ds, lose a lot and still brag. The main excuse is the reg of their team sucked, while this is true sometimes my thought is if you're so godly great why didn't you carry your team to the win and pull them out of a hole?


So to me I'm all about getting the Win in the end, what matters to you more K/D ratio or Win %?

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