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(Xbox Only) (Quickscope/Trickshot Only) eS Snipinq looking for new members


I made a new clan today called eS Snipinq we are a sniping clan who play on mw2 and mw3. There are no requirements like a mic or kd etc but if we grow we might need to change our gamertags to eS _______ we are on cod elite but we are called eS Snipinq on there. If you want to join send a request through there or send a message through Xbox Live to eS Dusk i will then have a look at you. You must be able to quickscope at least but it would be good if you could trickshot. We play on a few different gamemodes such as TDM, KC, DZ and DOM. You dont have to be a certain level as on Mw2 i am level 28 as i got it the other day but im level 41 3rd prestige on mw3. You dont need a mic as i dont have one.

I hope you join


eS Dusk