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**Smart And Strategic** - Experienced player looking for any clan! - (XBOX360)

- "Hey!" - Read the useful info about me below! -


Name: Connor


From: United Kingdom (England)


GT: FGFxShawny I07I


Mic: Yes


Am I a squeeky little kid? God no!


Experience with FPS/Shooter titles: Every single COD, every Battlefield, every Halo, every Gears of War, and every Killzone, just to name a few. On MW1, MW2, BO I had a consistent 2.00+ k/d ratio, good accuracy, and good stats overall.


When am I online?: Everyday on my xbox (usually unless I have RL things that need doing.) Dedicated to playing with whatever clan I get into, and will do my best to help the team. *Can usually put in a minimum of 5+ hours a day.*


My Strengths: The ability to be an out and out team player, with a strong and confident personality that enables me to get consistent amounts of kills. I am strategic and smart in my play, working as part of a 2+ man group usually and always keeping a look out and working out the best points of attack. I keep on top of the game and objective, and try to hold the objective points and score up by being smart. I communicate well and can be diverse in my play. Listens to others and expects to be listened to back.


My Weaknesses: Campers, Noob-tubers... etc ( I gladly take constructive critiscism )


*NOTE* - I will be getting MW3 today (Friday the 13th of July.) *I AM NOW LEVEL 10*  -- On MW1, MW2, and BO, I had a 2.00+ K/D, and good accuracy and points per game %. However I don't believe ratios and numbers are what makes you a good player, as I've seen a 1.00+ k/d player, utterly destroy 2.00+ and 3.00+ k/d players. Give a chance you wont regret it.


Thanks!! - PM me on here - Feel free to add my GT: FGFxShawny I07I







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