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Well Treyarch, its been 4 months.

Its time for me to vent a bit. I love Call of Duty, I really do! As much as I'd love to be loyal to the series, this totally killed it for me. I remember I looked at the forums everyday since BlackOps came out in hopes of a patch. But why stop patching the game now? This should be the last CoD title for the Wii due to the known knowledge of unpatchable hacks.


I can deal with:


OP Weapons

Poor Matchmaking System


It would be grand if those were fixed. Look at Conduit 2, they constantly release security updates to keep hackers at bay. Even if their publisher have lower funding than this massive title.


The one thing I cannot deal with is the CCP Glitches, I'd love for that to be fixed so that CCP users can have a great time playing with their own playstyle.

No don't tell me to use the Wiimote, I love both controllers but I have done my time with it on MWR and W@W.


So please Treyarch, as an industry please handle this professionally and use the forums on what they are made for:

To gather feedback for a more enjoyable experience.

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