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Some Well Needed Buffs to Weaker Perks

These are some ideas I had on ways to buff some of the weaker perks in the game. While these perks can still prove useful, they are usually outmatched. But anyways, here are my ideas of features to add.


Extreme Conditioning Pro - Also climbs ladders faster


Scavenger Pro - Refills certain lethal/tactical items. But not claymores/portable radars/scramblers/etc...


Blast Shield Pro - Can also see throw smoke screens, and serves as a counter to Recon. (RECON IS HORRIBLY OVER POWERED IN CERTAIN GAME TYPES.)


Overkill Pro - Your choice of two different lethal equipment/two different tactical equipment


Marksmen Pro - Can see the names of users using Assassin Pro


NOTE: Some of these are good perks, don't get offended if I included them here. These buffs would make them more competitive, and would be worth changing up some of your classes for. Be sure to reply with any suggestions you might have regarding this post! Thanks!