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Things i'd like to be fixed.

I know all of you have something diffrent and something to change. But this is what i want:


1. Lag comp

- This is the shooter game and if you cant go to cover when someone starts shooting you,then its not that good anymore for a shooter game. Needs to be fixed.


2. Recent players

- Now that acc hopping is over,why not fix recent players,as they fixed TXT messages.


3. Nerfing weapons

- There is too many weapons that are strong. But lets not complain,fixing Akimbo FMG will be enough. Its just not possible to kill them if they surprise you or if they see you first.

If you have tried them once,you would be amazed how strong they are. Have no idea how treyarch/activison could just test it and let it go.


That would be it,i know Red and Silent wants to fix the CCp but that should be the last thing to do,because i think the things above are more important for playing.