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[PS3] Iniquity Gaming - Reliable and Dedicated members wanted. Join now! :)

Iniquity Gaming is just over a week old, we're level 11 and have 23 members. We usually have about 10 members on at all times, we run parties constantly. We like to mess around but we also play seriously so we can get the win. We all have about 1.5 KD and 60% win/loss. We are all dedicated to Iniquity Gaming and we're all fairly reliable in-game. If you're interested and believe you'd fit into the Iniquity Gaming family, then send me a message or reply. We do every single clan op, and we haven't missed Gold once since we hit 3 members. If you don't meet the requirements that I listed below, then you can still message me and we can assign a try-out for you. I promise it isn't a ridiculously hard try-out. We also have members with recorders, so we will be setting up a YouTube channel sometime soon. Link is below!




Clan Name: Iniquity Gaming [)IQ(]

Clan Owner: IG-N9neLives/HipHop_Opotamus

Clan Level: 11

Clan Members: 23

Clan Founders/Premiums: 8 Founders / 3 Prems

Clan K/D: 1.37

Clan Requirements:

- Participate in Clan Ops if available.

- Have a microphone.

- Reliable and Dedicated

- Over the age of 16.

How to Join:

1) Click on my Name

2) Click on my Clan Badge

3) Apply on the Right Hand Corner of our Clan Page