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I've Caught an Entire Lobby Full of Players Boosting for Today's Elite Domination Challenges!


My PSN account is brewcastleunited and if you look at my online vault I've saved 3 matches from today where an entire lobby was boosting at domination for the Domination Elite Challenges.  Essentially the entire lobby was working together to capture / release / capture the domination points to maximize captures for the Wicked Dominator Challenge and I belive it's called the Sticky Fingers Elite challenges.


I knew something was wrong right away when I joined the first match because everyone would yell at me for shooting. Opposing players would hover around the flags, a group of players from 1 team would wait and capture the flag, then the players from the opposing team hovering around the same flag would come up and recapture the flag. They would trade possession of flags this way for the entire match without firing any shots or attempting to play the game as it's designed. It's tough to categorize this....is it boosting, cheating or exploiting? I think it's all 3 of those myself. I followed this lobby for 3 games, and I've saved all 3 matches to my online vault.


I wasn't participating in either of these Elite events - but I think lobbies like this are really unfair for players that were legitimately participating in those events. As a result, and if you watch the gameplay films in my vaults for evidence I feel a disqualification and subsequent ban or warning should be levied upon the following players:


DeadlySouls666 ; anonymouskush; Archie45osu; BakedJuggalo ; chayrez ; CHAYREZ35 ; DOME-09_SA ; illegalalien13 ; sattech1940 ; SPIELMAN36_OSU ; WhyTRYurGonnaDIE ; worldkiller2012.


The films of the gameplay are listed in my online vault as:


Flag Contest Boosters1; Flag Contest Boosters2 ; Flag Contest Boosters3.


I have sent this message to "BanCandy" at Activision - although I had fun fooling with these cheaters for 3 matches I hope they are at least disqualified from those events. Sometimes a couple of boosters in a game can be amusing, but an entire lobby to cheat at an Elite Event...thats ridiculous! I suppose that's why I don't bother with Elite Events anymore....well it's time to go back to having fun playing the game the way it should be played - let Activision decide what to do with those idiots. Good hunting!