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[JTF2] Joint Task Force 2  Recruiting starting TODAY! Not taking much people, Wii Clan!


[JTF2] Is recruiting starting today. (July 15th, 2012)

We are a very diciplinary Clan, that yes, likes to have fun, thats what the game is for! But also we don't mess around.

Go to our website and read the homepage, then follow instructions if still interested.

Website Link: http://JoinJTF2today.Webs.Com

We are a Wii ONLY Clan, for MW3.

Im still looking for people to fill 3 (Maybe 4 if Co-L Dosen't get active again, pissing me off) Staff Spots. Such as:


& Commando

Maybe even Co-Leader if he dosen't get his act straight.