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Black Ops 2 Zombie Ideas


There will be a few different things like:
- Ranking system

- Wall Weapon Slot

- New Perks

- Talk about pro/elite perks

- Pausing Options

- PAP grenades and knifes

- PAP more times

- Killstreaks in zombies


Ranking System

I heard with the MP ranking, when you prestige you have to level an extra 5 levels to prestige next time.  And with that thought I was thinking what if zombies had the same ranking layout. When you level from 1-50 you would unlock pro perks. When you get to 50 and prestige your first time then max level you will go to 55 then you would unlock an elite pro ( every time you get to level 55, 60 ,65 and so on you would unlock an elite perk.  When you prestige to level 15 and max level to 150(i think) you will get an unlock so you can get all the MP from WAW, BO and BO2 in the mystery box (you can choose to use this or not).



Wall Weapon Slot

When you reach level 50 you will unlock the Wall Weapon that you can customize. It can be any BO2 MP weapon (and WAW and BO, if you get max lvl and prestige) with 2 or 3 attachments.  It will cost 5000 points and 1500 for ammo. Until you change the wall slot it will be the starting pistol. When the gun PAP it may have an additional attachment. The weapon slot will be done like in create a class.



New Perks

Scavenger - Will allow you to pick up half the ammo you used on the zombie when you walk over them. With 1 shot kills every 2 or 3 zombies will give you 1 bullet. I made it half the ammo you use because I don't want it too OP.     Price: 3000 - 5000

No Name - lets you board up 1 window for 1 round every 3 rounds. got the idea from another person from the forums, sorry i cant remember who.               Price: 1000 - 2000



Talk About Pro/Elite Perks

Pro perks will cost double the normal perk, but you have to buy the normal perks first. Elite perks are an add on to the pro perks. Pro perks will improve the perk from a different angel and elite will improve the normal perks a bit. Like Jugg increases your health, pro will increase your health regeneration and elite will increase your health a tiny bit. Health - 100     w/jugg - 200     w/jugg pro - 225 or 250.



Pausing Option

When you get up to a high round and you really need to go to the toilet or eat, you can pause it, but it will like readying up to start playing zombies everyone has to pause the game. To pause the game 1 person will press start then click pause, when done the other players have the option to accept or decline.

to accept you press start ( but it wont pause you like it does now) or you can decline but pressing select.



PAP Grenades And Knifes

There are two new machine, one to PAP your knife the other to PAP your grenades. PAP these items will still cost 5000 points like the weapons. 

PAP Frag grenade - when it explodes it will cause bigger explosion and will cause a napalm zombie effect (when it dies).

PAP Semtex - when it exploder will cause bigger explosion and 2 semtex will pop out, when the explode 2 more pop out each wen they explode they cause crawler zombies (zombies with their legs blow off).

PAP Monkey Bombs - distracts longer and distracts dogs too (if they are in BO2).

PAP Russian Dolls (don't know what they are really called) - cause bigger explosion and more pop out.

PAP Gersch Device - lasts longer, and if 2 are active teleports 2 the other (not sure if that happens now).

PAP QED - When it uses it ability a second QED comes from the first one and bounces 2 feet away from the first and actives its ability.

PAP normal knife - Will be 1 hit kill to round 5, when kill with the knife the zombie will burst into flames.

PAP Bowie Knife - Will be 1 hit kill to level 18, when killed with the knife will turn them into a skeleton before they collapse



PAP More Times

With PAP I think you should be allowed to PAP as many times as you want, But here's the catch you can PAP once whenever you want, but the second time you need to be over or at round 20. So if I was at round 61 I could PAP my guns 4 times. 1 time every 20 rounds (or even every 30 rounds).



Killstreaks In Zombies

With the killlstreaks there will be a second box, but with killstreak only (this will be the only way to get killstreaks in zombies).  To open this box you will need different point that are earn from kills (1 kill = 1 kill point). The box will cost 50 -100 kill points.  From the box you can get UAV to show you where your team mates are and the zombies and others. killstreak only last for bout 15sec - 1min (depends on the killstreak) and have a cooldown time of 3 mins.  If you get a turret it will last for the whole game if you protect it properly (meaning the zombies will attack the turret) and the turret will have about 1000 health (saying that zombies hit 50), you can repair the turret but it takes time.




Thank you for reading my ideas and please leave comments on why these are good or bad for the game.

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    Your Ideas Are cool but I realy don't think that having one seperate machine to upgrade two weapon will be so great. Maybe if there was a Grand Variety of Knifes and melee weapons.

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      Yea your right, there should more different knifes or even sword type weapon thats classed as a weapon.  But the melee weapons will get too weak quickly, unless they do something like making you buy one knife before you have buy another one kind of thing. But maybe you can still PAP grenades cause they do get weak fast and you may want crawlers for the box and that.