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Please skip the double XP turn on because of the servers, a suggestion instead...


First off not complaining Double xp is great for leveling up but i'm at a loss as to why 10 prestiges are added and then it seems like we have permanent double xp.


Also this post is slightly swayed by already being at 20/80.


Suggestion 1 is turn on Double Weapon XP, reasons for this as follows:

     1. Most people that are 20/80 (or have stopped Prestiging) can use it

     2. Promotes more varied gun play as people try to level up different guns

     3. Helps to complete mastery challenges quicker so is effectively a great way to level up


Suggestion 2 is give everyone 10 prestige tokens that way they can spend them on what they want and is the equivalent of 20hrs Double XP


I think this is a sensible suggestion anyone else with thoughts?