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Anyone else getting this problem lately

So me and a BUNCH of people friends / randoms, have been encountering a problem on xbox 360 and i wanna know if anyone else is getting this problem.


Problem is, When were playing in matches we start lagging then all the sudden were back at the party screen with a notification that says Server Disconnected, or sometimes Server Timed Out.

I've noticed that ive encountered this problem 95% more when im in a Xbox Live party. When im not in it, i can play 1 game out of 5. without this happening.


It also starting to happen over on GRFS.


Platform:Xbox 360....

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    If it is happening to you in another game then it is not just the game that is the problem it is your connection, which could be your ips doing something behind your back that you are unaware of such as network traffic shaping. Where they randomly block the ports your using to cause packets to be dropped causing your connection to the server to time out. On your end it make look like everything is running smooth, but to the host you stopped responding for too long so it dropps your connection to the match. Now do not confuse responding with moving around. For though you may be moving or had been that information is not making it from your box to the host for some reason. Which is why I said it could be a problem in your connection somewhere.