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4th Ninja Defuse Montage


My 4th Montage Sorry if this seems rushed, we're in the middle of making a song parody back on my main channel, NinjasofCOD. I won't say what song it is 'cause that'll ruin the surprise Also if you have a ninja defuse of your own, send it to me and I may add it to my next montage! Anyways I hope you liked it and enjoy!


ALSO I am doing "Ninja Challenges" where you guys tell me what to do in my defuses, it's a fun experience for me and the viewers and I must say some of your challenges have me stumped lol. Keep them coming!


Song: Cracks by Freestylers ft. Belle Humble (Flux Pavilion Remix)


Sorry if you guys are tired of these things, I'm only trying to spread word of my hard work.