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FaTaL x GaMiNg is recriting clan members


We are a clan that is a level 35..........With 15 members on our Roster and rapidly growing



FATAL  Gaming’s Rules And Regulations Are The Standard Rules That Most Clans Would Have. They Are In Place To Ensure No Member Is At Risk Of Being Bullied Or There Is Nothing Suspicious Are Unacceptable Going On. And So Every Member Has A Pleasant Gaming Experience.

You Must Be At Least 14 Years Old, This Rule Applies To All Members As We Stress Maturity.

You Must Have An XBL Gold Membership, No Silver Memberships Will Be Accepted

You Must Have A Mic And Or A Chatpad

Associates In FG Must Have Their Clan Tag As FG And Their Elite Title On At All Times When Playing With The Clan, This Is Stressed When We Are Doing Clan Ops And Clan Matches

Members Who Change Their Gamertags Must Have It As The Following >>> FATAL x Example <<<<

Mods Or Hacking Anything Todo With The Clan Or Online Games Is Against The Rules, Playing In These Lobbies Is Prohibited And Action May Be Taken If You Are Caught In One.

Boosting Is NOT Tolerated Same With Cheating, Boosting Covers Letting Someone Kill You Even If You Dont Boost On Them.

Be Mature And No Racist Or Vulgar Comments.Banter Is Ok But Learn When To Have A Joke And When Not To Joke

No Multi Clanning Even If It Is For Something Like Fifa

Be Active On Xbox And The FG Forums To Keep Up To Date With All The Latest Information


So what are the requirements to join? •     Must have a KDR of 1.10 or above • and also a W/L of a 1.0      Must have a mic/chat pad •     Must be 15+ •     Must be signed up to the official clan forum @ www.fatalx-gaming.enjin.com once in the clan and be active •     Must be active and committed and let us know when you wont be on (due to clan ops and such) •     YOU WILL REQUIRE A TRIAL which will last 2 days to evaluate you as a person •     Wear your clan tags/title at all times when playing with the clan ops





Please contact MaFiA OwNeR with your K/D and your W/L Send a message only on Xbox Live hurry up you have until the 30th