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Play with overused guns.

I keep see posts on here about people who complain about people who use the ACR the Stiker and all those other guns that they don't like. News flash, people are going to play with the gun they can get a lot of kills with most. Asking them to stop is just like asking you to only play with a Javi. You have a gun that can kill other players, too. If you don't want them to kill you kill them first.

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    I'm guessing your a 1 gun warrior then?


    Don't listen to people's complaints if you are happy using just an ACR or Striker...


    "ONLY" using the best guns usually means that you are a Pro...

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      well i am and i am not. i use one gun every prestiege to get the tittles and emblems for the, but its funny how mad people get when i use a gun that kills the, Its funny the games objective is to kill or be killed and its funny becuase people freak out when they get killed with any gun haha. like what do they want us to do sit there and do nothing lol

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    Pretty much all I use now is my gold ACR and MP7. I don't even care anymore. I put my time in with the M16, PM-9 and every other AR and SMG to get to 2500 kills. It's funny though when I do bust out something like a KSG and then shortly after, without fail, 2-3 people will bust out their Striker and take the easy way out.

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         Exactly. When i get killed, i dont look at the gun the person was using. I look at what i did wrong, and how the other person was playing. Im not one to really care what gun someone is using because ill still kill you, no matter the gun you have. How often is it that someone finds themself in a legit, face-to-face gun battle? Most likely not that often. Im sure the majority of kills people get are from them shooting someone who has their back turned, ran in front of them, is capping an objective, grenades, killstreak rewards, or finishing off a teammates kill, etc...


         People complain because the ONE time they turn a corner and have a face-to-face battle with someone they get killed by someone using an ACR or one of the weapons theyre whining about. They then come on here to let everyone know they think its "over-powered".


         Try using the AK-47. If youre in a face-to-face battle with someone and you land 2 shots, youll most likely win. The AK is one of the most damage inflicting ARs in the game, and will cause your opponent to flinch like crazy.