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terrible lag and match making


why is it that almost every lobbie i go in to be it gwar or not i allways get non english speaking people its plain annoying and just to top it of the have a 2bar connection threwout the game causing every body in the lobbie to lag comp these guys sometimes all it takes is one person on a 2 bar to destroy the whole bloody lobby serioulsy do u guys just sit monkeys in front on the computers and say write me a new match making script ?

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    I know what you are saying, but the fact they do not speak english has nothing to do with matchmaking.


    (If you are in the east cost of the Americas, you could get matched with me and I speak French... what does that prove?)


    On topic: Yeh the matchmaking is terrible and there is no reason why someone in North-North America be matched with people in the UK, EU, South-South America etc...

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    Hopefully something will change soon, though I thoroughly doubt it...  It just makes the games unbearable. 

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    That's what I don't understand about those nimwits at Infinity Ward.  Clearly the majority of the lag issues that are happening is due to poor match making.  How have they not noticed that?  A simple fix would be to implement local match making.  I figured that out 8 ******* months ago.  They will probably do it but like a month and a half before Black Ops 2 comes out when nobody will really give a flying **** anymore because clearly IW doesn't give a flying ****. 

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    I stopped playing about a week ago. Not out of anger, just tired of complaining. You know what? Not only do I not miss the game but I saved $60+ by not buying BO2. I think this is the end of the COD franchise for me. But man, I've been having a lot of fun catching up with my other games!

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      Im with you on that black ops got off to a bad start they worked out in the end.....but this money hungry lot dont seem to know what they are doing think its 8month since release and still no better but worse......garbage match making putting US & UK players together were talking 4 to 6 thounsand mile between us yeah theres gonna be lag....but strangly black ops worked fine made a lot of american friends it played great. Someone need to take charge and fix this crap out.

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        I had a few problems with black ops at the start to, i think we all did, but nothing like the ongoing issues with the lag and matchmaking in mw3.


        Its just a pity they did'nt leave this part of the online gaming the same as mw2

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    Hopefully they get a grip on it before the next one comes out. We're about four months away from bo2's release.

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    it's not only a bad matchmaking, they (devs) have spent last few weeks to rewrite the netcode, days and nights (see ghandi thread and mark rubin tweets).

    Yes, they don't want to admit this total failure with the real words, but to tell the truth they made a bullshit. We just have to wait for a hypothetical fix.

    Morality of all this story : i will wait before buy BO2, i don't want to buy a beta game once again.