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Shadow Gamers looking to recruit Premium Members!

I'm Maximal Terror, leader of the clan Shadow Gamers. ( We have yet to decide on a final clan name. ) We are looking for new Elite Premium Members who are active, and willing to compete in the weekly clan ops. ( Is it called weekly? Or weekendly? ) We don't have much preference, but the good majority of us right now speak French and, obviously, English. We are mostly very active, so we also would like active members in our clan who either;

- have atleast a 1.00 KD,


- huge team players ( Go for objectives over kills )


If you would like to join, either post here; I'll be checking every once in awhile, or message myself, or our two Co-Leaders, F4TpAnD4126 and nerdblaster3000, on the xbox. We look forward to having you in our clan!


Edit: Forgot to mention. We are currently a level 10 clan

Edit 2 in the last 2 minutes!:: We are XBOX 360 players.