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[PS3]Looking for a friendly casual levelling clan? Look no further than here :)


Hey guys,


We have just created a new clan "Littering and...."


We are in the early stages a group of mates from New Zealand. Our aim for the clan is to


1. further our enjoyment of MW3

2. at the same time level up a clan with the view of collecting emblems and other such unlockable content.

3. be fun without drama.


We are not a hardcore levelling clan with strict KDR requirements, all we ask is that you participate in the weekend Clan Operations in an attempt to help us move up a few levels and unlock that content.


We'd ideally like Founding/Premium members to help with this Clan levelling, but anybody is free to apply to join the clan.


search "Littering and" under clans and we will pop up


I am pretty quick at responding so post away here,or send in your application via the elite web site and I will get those approvals underway.


Cheers guys