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new maps are actually good

i downloaded them at 4am. terminal was cool. not having played to much mw2. they look great as far as graphics go. offshore was what mw3 needed. a multilayer all purpose map. same for decomission. to me best content drop to date. havent played spec ops mission yet though. some people on my list still an hour after i downloaded still cant get them. dont know whats up with that. as far as mw3 maps go. im sure everybody will like em more than what we have

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    Very encouraging......Thankyou for the POV......I have quite enjoyed all the MP maps......love the marble floors in Oasis and Sanctuary.

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      Decomission looks badass and very MW2/Favela-esque. I like that they put out a smaller/SMG-friendly map.


      Offshore doesn't strike my fancy as much, but these two plus the 3 newer Face Off maps will make a great Collection 3, IMO.

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    decommission is by far my favorite but the other two are very playable.  I do like terminal but it seems massive to me.  Offshore is alot like Overwatch.  don't have a major complaint yet about any of them.  i like em all.  there was a lot of camping in Terminal already, though.