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Stupid throwing knife......


In my quest for all gold guns (I only have 3 left) I started to get a little burned out due to seemingly always using shitty, underpowered guns.  So my buddy IRL who plays the game with me uses the throwing knife on every class and loves the thing.  He is terrible at the game but is a flag cappin fool and is good **** in the real world so his in game scores make me laugh. 


Finally after hearing him go on and on in game about knife kills I put it on a couple of my running classes and now I cant shoot my gun without throwing my knife first.  I literally have lost the ability to fire my weapon unless my throwing knife is gone....HAAAAA.......that dam thing is addicting and makes me laugh even more then C4 used to.


If you havnt messed with it much you should try it.  My deaths have sky rocketed and my kills have dropped some but the thrill of killing someone long distance with the knife is awesome and will definately give you some chuckles while playing a very, very, very frustrating game.