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Who else is fed up with Crap connections


Wondered who else is sick of the crap connections online on this game?


What I mean by this is servers full of people from other countries. I'm in the UK and I have plenty of British friends who play MW3. All we seem to get is servers full of French, Italian, German or Polish (and sometimes American). This is not in any way a slur or any of these countries I am just pointing out how bad the 'server-selection' is.

With this we get crap connections, players mainly on 2 bars and there is a definate noticable in-game time connection difference giving players advantage/disadvantage.


Why can't we play with people close to us thus having a decent connection and avoiding all these issues which is ruining this game? There are many threads complaing about 'lag-compensation/correction' why doesn't Activision sort it out properly? MW2 had a much better connection and it made the game enjoyable - this game doesn't play right because of the way it is set up.


Activision, If you are going to charge for elite status at least listen to the people playing the game and try to make the game playable. A lot of my mates have gone back to playing Black Ops online and say they won't be buying MW4 because this one is so bad. Please put this one right because it has the potential to be an awesome game.

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    I'd agree with you about being in the UK and constantly ending up in French, German, Spanish lobbies and suffering ridiculous lag.  However, even more unfortunate is I've occasionally managed to get into  British lobbies and had the same cr*p

    Every game I have 4 bars, every game I have lag; sometimes worse than others but it's always there


    I've heard Treyarch are removing lag compensation completely for Black Ops II; anyone have any confirmation/news of this?

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    Abrysaf its not a dig at any country or people just a problem with how this game connects people.

    This game is only let-down by these connection issues and its a shame because it affects those of us who play online.

    Unfortunately this game won't be remember for being a great game instead it will be remembered for its bad connection.

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    which is the point I was making, it happens even in british lobbies; I've only played CoD since MW2, had lag in Black Ops but MW3 is a complete let down.  I only hope BOII turns the tide with the connection problems but I'm not confident it will

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    Its a universal issue agree'd. Only people who can fix it is Activision. Go back to the old way and have it so we can play with decent connections (ie localised matchmaking).

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    If they dont remove the lag comp and sort out the matchmaking issues then i think blops could be the final nail in the coffin of the franchise.


    I am sick of getting lobbies full of people from all over the world and because their isp is garbage it lags my game, then i end up pulling host which makes it even worse.


    I pay good money for a top quality isp so why should i be put at a disadvantage in almost every game.

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    It would be great if someone from Activision could reply and give their opinion on this.meh....

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    it's mainly caused by the fact that activision has not own servers for bo and mw3. they hosted servers for bo and mw3 - and let other companies handle it (100% wrong direction for a game that is made for online experience. it was all about money and costs. robert bowling twittered it a while ago, when he believed in improvements too. he also stated that activision will change it back to what it was. references are mw1, w@w and mw2.


    hopefully this will come true! on the other hand activision has no choise i think. they earn the hardest negative feedback right now - and it's from their own community, people who fight/encourage for them for years. back in the time the negative feedback came from the competers/publisher/developer and of course battlefield players. this is now over!

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    Sooner or later they will have to admit that they got the lag comp way wrong, i know it was probably put it in to level out the playing field for those people that have a crap internet service but it has gone way to far and tipped the game so far in their favor that those of us who pay more for a good service get bent over and shafted game after game

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    Bring back local matchmaking!!  That would solve SOME of these issues....

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