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Xbox 360 OMEGA KNIGHTS recruiting global members all welcome no requirements

UK Based OMEGA KNIGHTS Are Recruiting


We Welcome Members From Across The Globe No Matter Age Sex Country ETC

Our clan is a fun clan although we are competative NO CLAN MEMBER will ever be judged on skill kd's or performance

anyone caught being abusive or racist to other members will be removed instantly and blocked


We Play Domination Free For All Team Deathmatch Drop Zone Infected S&D Plus will play modes other members want to play, hoping to setup a once a week practise match just for the clan when things are setup properly


We all also play other games Fifa 12, Dead Island, Forza 4, Battlefield 3 So Its More A Making Friend Than Just A MW3 Clan


This Isnt An Amatuer Wannabee Team I've Had Clans For MAG (PS3) Forza 4 (Xbox) & Battlefield BC2 & 3, I usually end up with about 50-60 members thats as much as i can control at once,


Members will be required to join facebook page its where im eventaully going to post clan ops lonewolf ops and other stuff plus votes about clan and discussions


if interested


Gamertag : Gaming Friend

Elite Clan Search : OMEGA KNIGHTS

Facebook Group : OMEGA KNIGHTS Gaming Clan