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    Yea, maybe love was too far.  I "hate to love them".  Nice video above man!   Brings back memories and I'm totally stealing your phrase "Rambo Camper". 

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    just a fact......if u get killed by campers on a regular basis then u r not a good player. If someone camps I.E. in one spot not moving at all and ADS on a specific spot waiting 4 someone to run to it.  Thats not someone im going to die from.  This game is 9 months in we all know the camping spots. If your still complaining of camping shut up babies because your just a bad player crying about other bad players and im really tired of putting the mute button on all the time.

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    What kills me is how someone can sit in one spot and take out 2-3 people trying to kill him. I think to myself, what kind of crap game is this that 3 people are shooting at 1 person (at the same time) but nobody can hit them, then when they do get hit, they drop into dead man's hand (LOL)


    on topic:


    As already stated, I love campers. Yes they are gonna shoot you, but if you are smart they are an easy kill. What is not so easy is the strategic player.  They are playing "monkey in the middle" with you:


    They sit in a corner and shoot you. You go back to kill them and they are in another corner and shoot you.  You throw a flash and get no hitmarker so you think they are not there, so you go into the room and they were watching you -  and follow you in and shoot you.  You get mad, and try to kill them and they keep killing you because they are flat outplaying you. Then you hear "Enemy chopper inbound"... you rage quit.


    Things to remember:

    1 - a bad camper is an easy kill. Easy to deal with

    2 - a good strategic player can be hard to beat. So leave them alone and they will get no kills.

    3 - There will always be campers for various reasons (their gamestyle, lag so they slow down, whatever) so be aware they are there and like lzjar11 says (and I paraphrase): "Calling them a camper and complaining will not solve anything... because they know what they are doing".  It is their game and they are not gonna play how you want them to play.

    4 - Complaining only proves you got beat. When I see a camper I think : "YAY free kill"... I mean who cries at someone for failing? People only cry when they, themselves, fail.

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    This is exactly what I mean in this post, thanks for posting your view. Do you play TDM?

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    Ye ive never understood that, if a camper keeps killing you because you cant get at them, then why keep trying? Then people start crying about it, when in fact there encouraging them to do it by giving the camper numerous kills. Some people will never learn....

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    A good camper is just like a good tac insert user they're rare but when you find one the game takes on a different dimension as their map,bolt hole and approach knowledge is so good that it's almost flawless.

    These kinds are a delight to play as a change of pace is good every now and then and it puts your own knowledge of the maps to the test and it's these times that i'm glad I have recon pro across my classes.

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    Your number two bullet point is a very good point, stay away from those super campers, they tend to have very high KD's, and you will notice them as soon as they start posting up.


    The final bullet point is 100% accurate nicely said.

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    Recon is a life saver. On certain maps

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    A camper is only successful if the lobby allows them to be successful. Everyone has been in this situation before. You get killed by someone sitting in an obscure corner. The killcam imediately pisses you off and you sprint right back to the location you just were blindly and die easily by the same camper


    On a side note, most people who are accused of camping aren't doing anything of the like. Yesterday for instance I was thrown into a game where a spawntrap was in full swing, we had a space no bigger than 20sq ft to spawn. In the lobby the other team called us camper and bragged about how they still beat us even though we camped in our spawn

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    haha lets see I have the following sub names for campers:


    The super camper (the very hard ones)

    The opportunistic camper (lucky ones)

    The Rambo (anti camping) camper

    The poor mans camper (total new player)

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