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    This is the same argument that rlbl mentions, many who complain in the game are either getting owned by the style or have nothing better to say. Both cases its the one accusing whose at fault.

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    I like the times you're outclassed by someone manage to light them up and learn a new route although I pity the sneaky dude who thinks he has managed to creep around only to find someone waiting for them.

    I think recon taught me more about how to move around the map than charging around did.

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    Camping tends to be the brainy playstyle also, running around non-stop is bold and wreckless. It's really all about reflexes and the gun. Being a skilled camper is all about setting up the enemy for failure. Positioning yourself correctly and manipulating the enemy. Yes, it's slow and boring, but it does give you kills. If I can earn the MVP accolade in TDM by camping then I'm the better player that match

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    I dont always camp but when i do i try and super camp....lol

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    Camping to me is very annoying. My brain just cant understand how someone is having fun playing this game when all they do is sit and wait, to me it makes no sense for me to buy a game to just sit there and press R1 every once and a while. Im sure the "campers" have a different outlook than i do, and maybe some non-campers dissagree with me too. Even when i was a noob i didnt find myself camping to get kills, i would rather move around and go 10-15 than sit in one spot and go  5-1. Who cares about K/D. its a video game..In the long run im playing this game because its fun, and how i play is fun to me. So i guess thats the case with the campers.. to them camping is fun.

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    If a camper does 5-1 then they're not very good at what they do. When I put on my camping pants I'll get at least 10 kills and that's on TDM. If I wanted to camp in an objective game mode it'll be at least 20.


    I despise the ones who don't contribute to the team even in regards to kills. Camping can be fun when you're actively participating and at least doing something productive

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    Right, and you found your version of fun in the game.

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    Campers are a part of every game. Unavoidable. But I appreciate the smart campers. One shot, one kill, move on. But nothing makes my game as to find a camper, get the kill, and hear them rage for the split second on on mic. Fun stuff.

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    I don't consider it camping if they or I am using a scope the way it was intended, i.e. "hard scoping"


    I went 51-0 with 3 attack helicopters, 3 AH-6 overwatches, 3 pave lows and a M.O.A.B. on "Fallen" because they just kept coming. Not 1 or 2, the whole team basically was running and gunning straight for me trying their hardest to kill me. The only time I left that spot was to grab fannypacks, perks were scavenger pro, blastshield pro, and marksman pro. Weapon of choice was L86 with thermal and silencer. Everyone knew my position.


    Don't get me wrong, most games once they kill me, I run and gun with that same weapon or an ACR. I don't agree with the whole corner camping with FMG akimbos or shotguns or the people jumping up and down behind objects and can still hit you with a quickscope, or hiding in some remote location using blindeye pro and assassin pro praying someone comes by or spawn trapping/camping.


    I like running back to campers and then shooting down their attack copters before it gets on the map because it causes them to rage and usually move, all that waiting and gone before it gets a kill.


    As far as camping in general.... isn't that the only way to get the "lockdown" accolade?

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    Youre right, if they do 5-1 they are not very good, but most games i play i find that the camper is not good and and does alot worse than 5-1, Dont get me wrong im not saying all campers are not good because some are very skilled and can get 25 or 30 kills by just camping. But everyone has their own style of play that fits them and camping isnt fun to me so i dont even try. Maybe this is just me lacking patience..all i usually play is TDM and i run n gun and thats my style. But i do get called camper an awful lot because someone is mad..

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