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Nerf Sitrep Pro.

As I'm sure you are all well aware that the new features of Sitrep Pro completely cancel out the use of Dead Silence (it even boosts the noise of the footsteps beyond normal for those with dead silence). This has made me and a lot of people I know decide to not play this game or at least our favoured game mode: Search and Destroy. Sitrep Pro is a perk that effectively gives the user a motion sensor by way of hearing other players from great distance away; this is game breaking especially in a game mode like Search and Destroy. I was recently in a lobby where the entire team that we were playing against was using this monstrosity of a perk and they proceeded to do as all that use the perk do; they sat in corners. This perk encourages camping and boring play. How do we counter it? The only way I see is to join in with them, then what does that make of this game? It ruins it. It makes Dead Silence completely worthless.


Some of us were actually naive enough to think that this elite service would actually hold some water, but the developers seem more intent on pushing out ill thought out maps and content that no-one cares for. At least use some of your resources on making the game a better experience and fix what is wrong with the game. Then maybe, just maybe Infinity Ward can say it cares about the end-user.


Oh I forgot ...... all they see is $$$$$$$.

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    No I rely on other tactics than just who has their headset turned up the most.


    This must be fixed.

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    Don't play SnD then. If you really want to play SnD go do it in MW2 with Ninja. There are tirckshotters who get angry if you beat them, there are terrible players and rushplanting gets all the girls on that game.

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    Without SitRep pro what is the counter for dead silence? At least you can counter SitRep with crouching.


    Dead silence isn't worthless, for me it's worth it just for the no fall damage.


    Everyone moans about SitRep pro, how about the other side of the argument which is why should you be allowed to have silent footsteps....


    Adapt and overcome!

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    use more air support.. hard to hear anything when you have a chopper overhead...  but still a little water will get rid of that sand

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    People keep saying search is ruined by sitrep, played a lone wolf OP last week and I don't even play search, placed 140th using dead silence while rushing so sitrep cant even be half as bad as some of you make out, mind you I use it to make me silent and take no fall damage so don't get the, oh sheet everyone can hear me effect.

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    it's not, craig.  The JUST found out in the last week or so that they can't just sprint around the map and get free kills anymore since the other team can't hear them 100%

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    They should have restored Sitrep Pro's functionality vs. Dead Silence to the same level Sitrep Pro worked vs. Ninja in MW2.  That's what they said they were going to do, that's what they said they meant to do, that's probably what they still think they did.  But they didn't.  The programmers who work on this game are incompetent fools.  I mean, we all probably remember the great FMG "fix" a couple months into the game's life where they accidentally INCREASED the rate of fire instead of decreasing it...lol.  And then of course "lag comp/host disadvantage/whatever" which they will never be able to figure out.

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    So your resolution to the update for all SnD players is to go back to MW2? seems highly unfair to me, especially since we paid just as much as you to play MW3. SRP was in

    MW2 but was not nearly as bad...if u dont believe test it yourself. They killed SRP.

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