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Mw3 hacking vs BO hacking!

So in your opinion why is the hacking so much worse in mw3 than blops?

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    Because MW3 is the most recent CoD.

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      Still when Black ops was out his had hardly the amount of hackers.


      Two reasons why the amount of hackers have grown since black ops by A LOT.

      1.) The predator missle code was released making every squeaker want to put homebrew on their wii to feel ub3r special. Even though it honestly suck @$$ because it doesn't render out most the maps and it's hard to tell if someone is in a building or not. It doesn't even work on Arkaden.

      2.) Account hopper code made a increase in hackers because everyone that sucks at the game can go hop and then demote someone just because they got POOPED on.


      Another thing I would like to point out about the account hopper code. Now people that don't even have homebrew and are legit can have modded classes with predator missiles and support assault because someone can hop their account and give them a modded class.


      Black ops didn't have that any "OMG" hacks. Just the regular fps hacks such as UAV, aimbot, no recoil......Nothing really special. I know the account hopper code was released on Blops but this was a while after it was released on MW3.


      MW3 is way more hacked then black ops still. Even on black ops some hackers still suck complete MILK because it still took skill to play. MW3 all someone has to do is put on redbox, UAV and equip FMG-9 akimbo's and they're set. Literally impossible to outgun.

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    MW3 is more hacked because there is more things that hackers can use such as redbox, predator missle, support pwnage, and such other things in Black Ops the only things you could use were infinite uav and no recoil which obviously isnt as good for hackers since they want to be the noobiest they can and have the most amount of cheats possible.

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    The the most modern game peopele play. Plus, if you ever go on Black ops you see the same things. From account hopping to godmode.