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Do as you're told $#&@!


Tonight we ran a five man squad on Domination. My friends and I have a solid gameplan for every map in the game, but leave it up to the randoms to completely fvck everything up. We have very simple requests for the greenies that join our side, and if they listen they'll be rewarded with a win and high K/D. Sometimes we even invite them to join us.


But, sadly, they do not listen and we're stuck scrambling around the map cleaning up their mess. The worst part though is when we specifically tell them what not to do. Like sprint into the enemy spawn and flip it. If we're not in position to take a flag then don't try to do so. It's so easy to win in DOM if you stay organized, what part of "Don't cap A yet" do you not understand?


If you're a random amongst a high ranking clan or party, listen to what they have to say as they probably know what they're talking about. Do as you're told and the match will go much easier. That doesn't mean you can't play how you want, it just means you'll have to take a different approach

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