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How do you know you're lagging?


Alright, this is a pretty open-ended question that will warrant some pretty obvious answers.


Shot around corners. Invisible bullets. Insta-deaths. The question however, is geared towards the less obvious signs that you are lagging.


I've played plenty of games where my final score will end up being 30-6 or something along those lines and you'd figure you couldn't have been lagging that bad. But there's one stat that always get's exaggerated when it's evident I'm lagging. Assists.


If I'm playing and all of a sudden I start getting consecutive games of 8-11 assists, I know it's time to leave the lobby because it's only a matter of time. So the question stands: What things, outside of the norm, tell you you're lagging?

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    i'm lagging and i know it...when i shoot first, 3 or 4 bullets, on my opponent, red dot of my AR on his face, and then i died with one bullet (instadeath). And when i saw the kill cam, i shoot slightly first but my first bullet didn't make flinch my opponent at all (curious aspect of lag !), i just see his screen in the killcam become red without any flinch and he lands me 3 bullets easily.

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    Another less obvious one is when you just can't seem to get to a gunfight before your team has already cleared everyone out and you spend most of your time just running around the map desparately trying to find someone to shoot.