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Terminal MW3 - evidence of a dying franchise.

First of all I just want to say that it's great to get a free map for MW3  and whatever the motive was behind it we should thank IW.


However, as great as that is, it has unfortunately achieved one thing in reality. It has provided absolute concrete evidence that this franchise is on the decline, both in terms of quality and in terms of the community. It's one thing for things to stay the same, but now they're actually getting worse..


First of all (and least importantly) the map looks absolutely awful in comparison to Terminal in MW2. We're playing on a game that is supposedly using a refined engine of that of MW2, so why does it look worse? Color has been drained, the level of detail seems to have been removed (no reflections on the floor etc) and if you look at the text on the side of the plane there is either a drop in resolution or IW just likes to test your eyesight.


Secondlly and most importantly, how the map plays. It's debatable whether this is due to how MW3 is designed to eliminate noob tubers, or it's because of how the community has changed. But what was once an epic, thrilling, race of a map has now become a mere shadow of it's former self, and now possibly the biggest campfest in any COD game. Imagine an airport that has been closed for the day and there are no staff accept 1 or 2 people sweeping floors and you can get an impression of just how much life this map has now.


I know it sounds like i'm trolling and I really don't mean to be, it's just quite sad to see what these games have become. West and Zampella clearly took every ounce of passion, vision, and talent along with them and now we're left with a franchise that has run out of steam. The silver lining? A Phoenix is reborn from it's ashes, and those ashes belong to West and Zampella.

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    first off, they did NOT design MW3 to get rid of tubers. that is just stupid.


    second, in MW2 people camped on this map all the time. they did so in the plane, at burgertown, dream shop, the counters and metal detectors. the whole map is a camp ground if you know how to play it right.

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    Terminal was released free of charge to everyone. I dont see how them taking time to port in a map for everybody = the franchise dying. Is it because Terminal wasnt your favorite map?


    Elite is still getting more content, and BOII looks like its shaping up to be a decent game.

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    I think COD is going to take a decline. Some people are realizing that there actually are other games out there now. If black op 2 isn't good, then I think it may take a huge drop.


    Every day more players actually switch to other games like BF, even big Youtubers are staring to. I just hope COD players don't swarm a good game and turn it into the nonsense community COD has become.

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    the franchise started dying at the end of the COD4 era. back then you actually had players who respected each other. WAW came out and people left COD4 but a majority still played both. then when MW2 came out we all transitioned but there was an influx of little kids and people who just didnt care about playingthe game the way it should be (they team killed and didnt play objectives), this made the majority of respectable players either leave to go back to COD4 and WAW or just leave the franchise entirely.


    then BO came out and some of those players returned since it was not an IW game but again they started leaving because of a lot of BS that was going on. NOW you hardly see ANY respectable players on this game because they were replaced with whinny brats who wants everything handed to them and doesnt want a challenge or help teammates or respect other players.


    to me, COD4 was the peak of the franchise and it all went downhill from there.

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    these threads are meaningless

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      What? The OP is expressing genuine, thought out concerns in an intelligent, thoughtful manner.  He is obviously a fan of the game and, like myself, is disappointed in  what he has been seeing. I see value in that conversation and starting a discussion about our concerns for the series and the direction its taking.  He isn't complaining about OP weapons or the usual gripes, he is just expressing concern at what he is seeing. I see no reason to tear that down. If you don't have anything constructive to add to the conversation, I think the bigger thing to do would have been to just choose to not participate in it.

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        @nciedrewishfela - I think Cowboy is trying to imply that this discussion is pointless becuase nobody from IW reads any of the general discussion threads unless they are violating forum polices (heck, even then it is only Foxy that usually has clean up those messes).


        Dont' get me wrong, I tend to agree with the OP here.  Something is amiss with this game, between the connection issues and the goofy tweaks in the graphics, it just doesn't have the feel of yesterday's game.  But if you are tapping away on the keyboard thinking anyone from either IW or Activision will ever read this or remotely care, then you are wrong.


        Now don't get me wrong, the devs do come to this forum, but stick to certain topics.

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          Its not all about having the Devs read it. You get enough of the community to talk about something, they are bound to notice, and even if they don't, there is no problem with being able to express one's opinions and thoughts. If nobody says anything, then nothing gets done. Its kind of why we have the Forums. Sometimes we just need to get something out, and the Forums are a good place to do it.

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    I see where the OP is coming from, and I understand completely.


    The fact of the matter is that CoD is still the most fun and replayable FPS franchise out there (although I have to say that MW3 has tested that statement for me, its just not been fun and that pains me to say it).


    The other fact is that other series, while they haven't quite gotten there yet, are starting to catch up. The key word? INNOVATION. I think the biggest issue with CoD right now is that there just hasn't been enough advancement. Using the same engine year after year has made it somewhat stale. While others are going into the realm of improved player movement, destructible enviroments,  cover and suppression mechanics... CoD has remained the same.  In some ways thats good, you know what you are getting, but as gamers progress, the game needs to as well.


    I think the real answer to your concerns will come in November. I can't speak for others, but I think my biggest disappointment in this game was the fact it just felt incomplete. It looked like MW2 with a few coats of paint slapped on it, same emblems and all, and while it had a few new innovative ideas... it wasn't the leap forward we hoped for. The next entry in the series looks promising, a new direction for the Series. It sounds like they are re-vamping MP, and it will be very very interesting to see if those changes improve or detract from the gaming experience.

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    I Agree 100% with OP,I am not a newb (2.50+ KDR NO CAMPING) And i do like this game but way more campers. I find myself wondering the same thing OP Does,if people have changed or the game itself.IMO it's mostly due to weak grenades/noobtubes.Terminal was such a great map in mw2 but now its just a gaint campfest.Oh and it comes up like every other Lobby)But w/e what are u going to do?

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    It's funny I find this thread tonight.


    I was really bummed out about Call of Duty earlier today. Hell, I'm still bummed out. I agree with you, chris ... something is just not warm and fuzzy about this franchise anymore.


    I was thinking about this a lot this weekend.


    There's just so much that has started turning me off about this game that even I am not going to post something that long.


    This thing used to be a work of art that Activision was making big bucks from. Now it's just a work that Activision is making big bucks from.


    You know, Core TDM is by far the most played mode. I was shocked when I discovered that you have to look at the top 200,000 players to find people that play the game at any rate than can be considered regular. 200k out of what, 10 million copies??


    "Oh, we are listening to the community now!!"


    No, you're not. You listen to the people that complain, not the people that defend your product.


    I got hooked on COD because here was a game that involved more thinking skill than it did physical skill. That's what I want out of a combat-simulating arcade FPS.


    MW3 barely delivers. Sadly, where it does deliver, they want to change things so no thought is required at all.


    From what I've seen and read of BO2 so far?


    Looks like I'll be playing Burger Dash in the future even more than I have lately.