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eXalted Gaming - New Clan - Recruiting! (xbox360)

eXalted Gaming

A brand new EliTE clan!

I've been wanting to start this clan for a while and have finally done it!

eXalted Gaming is a newly founded gaming community.

Very laid back and chill. Not really any strict rules. Pretty much just don't be an ******* and stay active.

First clan ops this weekend so join today!


-Weekly Clan Ops.


-Private Matches.

-Official Clan Website and Forums.


There are only two requirements to join..

The first is to have a K/D of at least 0.85 or higher.

The second is that you must be 14 years or older.. I don't want any 12 year old pubescent kids screaming into the mic.


Apply online @ eXaltedGaming.org