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UK ALPHA UNIT is recruiting for Xbox 360

Greetings and salutations,


We at UK Alpha Unit are recruiting for the Xbox 360.

We are currently a level 40 clan, based in the UK, for UK players only.

Whilst we love to win in everything we do, we also put an emphesis on having fun. We are not interested in K/D, or rank. The willingness to participate, and have fun is what counts.

We have a few rules - such as being over 18, and also being a premium/founder status on Elite (This is so your score counts within clan ops, which we insist every member participates in as much of as possible)

The only other stipulation that we have, is that everyone within the clan must own a working headset with mic, in order to communicate. A lot of us use Turtle Beach, due to their excellence - but any will do as long as you can talk and hear.

We play a wide range of game types - although mainly hardcore richochet, and other hardcore game modes, as well as others, such as infected, groundwar etc. There is nearly awlays someone on to play with.


What we will not tolerate is... Boosting, Exploiting Glitches or cheating. If caught you will be removed from the clan and forums. We will also not tolerate bullying! If a person is caught trash talking, undermining or acting in a derogatory manner they will be removed and banned from the clan. These, and others, are covered in our recruitment form.

If you wish to join us, please visit us over at www.ukalphaunit.co.uk , and fill in our application form.

We are also recruiting for BF3, on the same site should anyone wish to join us.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.