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  • 10. Re: Why do FMG9's make people so angry?

    lol internet tough guy, no one cares about core domination numbers.

  • 11. Re: Why do FMG9's make people so angry?

    I have a confession to make...


    I have more than 2,500 kills using the pre-nerfed Akimbo FMG9s on PC. I used to dropshot a lot with them and I angered whole teams with them. They were OP'd and as a user, I am glad they were nerfed.


    I have stopped using them since I moved on to XBOX.

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    Don't worry about it champ, there is nothing you can do in this game that won't annoy some clown who feels they have the right to tell you what to do.

  • 13. Re: Why do FMG9's make people so angry?

    The TTK




    Also, look at the ammo count.

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    What gets me mad about them is snipers who use them i dont know why but it really gets to me when you see the quickscopes pro miss 4-5 shots then pull the fmg's if you are that bad with the sniper put it away and use a gun you can

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    TheSurgeon83 wrote:


    So I recently discovered the joy of the Akimbo FMG9's (accuracy has plummeted as a result!), they are so much fun to use and I really like the play style of sprinting round the map trying to run into people and being constantly on the move. However, a lot of other gamers seem to object in rather abusive terms to this. I've had a lot of 'fan mail' and in-game / loby rants directed at me. At the end of the day, MW3 is a game, and I play games for fun as I thought most people did. They've got some decent stopping power and are easily one of the better guns in the game (I outgun most encounters with SMGs & ARs at close to medium range), if they are there to be used, why wouldn't you use them? Nobody gets ranted at for using the other decent guns, ACR, MSR, MP7 (overpowered as it is). Have I missed something, why are these guns hated?

    They are generally thought of as one of the biggest n00b guns in the game. They are a secondary that will drop a Jugganaut faster than any Primary, and although you don't have to AIM down sight, the Hit Box for them is the size of a house...


    You yourself just accused the ACR, MSR, and MP7 of being overpowered, yet the FMGs will out shoot all of them most of the time (range permitting). Do the maths and you will soon conclude that these droves of people sending you messages might just have a point...


    I don't care what guns you use, or how it makes you look, but get used to the messages because they won'y stop coming until you man up a bit...


    If you want to run n gun and hip fire, but you want the messages to stop, then maybe try out the shottys, they are more balanced and accepted...

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    I've used shotguns, got bored of them. I'd played 8 prestiges before I even picked up the FMG's. I discovered the juggernaut thing the other day, that was quite funny. I only said the MP7 is overpowered, I've pulled off and seen people pull off against me the most incredible ranged ***** with silenced MP7s, considering the range of them is supposedely the same as the PP90 and the fun gun that's not right.I daresay I'll get bored of them and move on, but at the moment they're entertaining.

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    Nerf was spread fr 1000rpm akimbo is still fastest way to kill jug or copper. Don't use them myself too easy.

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    If you have to confess.......


    Doesn't that say something?!?!?




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    ZachAdkins wrote:


    All they supposedly nerfed was the "fire rate" of them, but the FMG9s still have the 'wall of death' as I caled it, that no matter what, kills you. If you use them and Steady Aim Pro, you're virtually un-beatable in close-medium quarters unless your reaction time is horrid. Yeah, I've used them before, y'know those times where you're like "I just feel like messing around", and you can definitely tell how powerful they really are compared to an actual gun. Eh, my 2 cents.

    this right here.. it's a wall of death!  With the akimbo the weapon is way off balance.. there should be no reason that a majority (exaggerating a bit here) of players should be using a secondary machine pistol as a primary and it sure shouldn't be able to take things down from the distances that it does.

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