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Console bans for life need to be done on all hackers!!!!!!!

I decided to play some WAW early this morning and too my surprise, I was actually able to play a couple of good games. And then...........well, you guessed it. Wannabe hacker central.

My suggestion to anyone who really wanted to play this game and enjoy it again, is to get a petition going and send it too everyone they can possibly think of that plays either on the Xbox or Playstation. Then, send a hard copy to Treyarch and Activision so that they can see all legit players are for real.

They need to either put a stop to the WAW servers and fix it or shut down the servers for the game completely and permanently. My solution, if I was a developer, would be to console ban every single player who hosts or participates in hacked lobbies automatically. If you know it is a hacked lobby and you stay in it, you should be banned for being a moron.