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L > Mw3 elite clan [PS3]


PSN ID:  - Nekci4

In MW3 do you have Elite?: - Yes


Rank: - Prestige 2, level 6x


K/D - 1.26

Win/Loss ratio - 35%

Weapon of choice: - Mp7 (silencer/ extended mags)


Why I am looking for a clan - I want to join mainly to have fun, most of my friends have stopped playing mw3 and left me in the dust, as I improve my skill. I want a clan to have fun with, play the objective, make new friends, and improve my skill even more. I want to use CoD elite to its full potential.


Other - I am 16 years old fairly mature. I dont curse or rage over "unnecessary things" and I got CoD elite in November on my birthday. I do have a mic to talk to my teammates. Hope to see you soon.


Who says mw3 cant be fun? Thats why I want to join a clan, it'll make the game more fun and competetive.





*Also, I would like for the clan to have atleast 3+ people in it.

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    If you want you can join 1337-Swiss. I^m 16 as well but also mature

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    if you like you can inform yourself about my clan : http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200492169