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     I am an android user i and fellow Clan Leader's agree that the elite mobile app does not fit to our need i think we should get the ability to do more clan related stuff on the GO intead of whiping out a pc, i think you should also add an invite all clan members button so you can invite them all at the time of event or be able to choose who to send to so works faster, also it should have a fast way to message all members and keep them informed in some way, I love ELITE and i hope 2.0 is better keep up good work, speed of ELITE has increased ut clan ops dont update fast enought with stats, you could add abuility do more clan oriented stuff like videos or pics of some sort. As A PREMIUM FOUNDER i think we deserve more stuff to make it that much worth wild like more rights of some sort. Finding people to join a clan is hard work i think should make it easier some way , over all good game plenty of ideas i could sujest hope you reed this ,

                                                            sincerely Warlordskull PS3