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Why people at ground war rage?

yesterday and today, i was playing with a friend in splitscreen, anyways, he just started, he is level 21 i think (due to double xp).... anyways, since i havent prestiged, and im level 53... people rage when i pull out a reaper or an AC130.. why? i have gotten 2 ''F*ck you F*cking noob'' messages,and when i get a Reaper, someone in my team says ''How did a n00b did that?!!'' i dont understand, is the XBox community less mature? i play this game on wii, so i know every single camping spot/spawn/common OP weapons (wich isnt a problem to me).


i just want to know why people get so mad? :/

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    Yes, the XBOX community is very immature. Can't say others are the same, don't play on those systems.


    Sadly most guys are around my age, mid-twenties, that are the worst offenders.


    It's unfortunate you can't get into a game without people calling you out for what you use or how you play, and dragging you through the muck.


    I'm on fourth prestige now, about halfway through. I didn't prestige for the longest time because I didn't see the point, but now I figure what the heck, might as well.


    But you do not have to do it if you don't want to.

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    splitscreeners on ground war cause a lot of lag, shouldnt be allowed to play GW if your splitscreening. Of course, I wouldnt mind if they removed splitscreeners all together.

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    if it makes you feel better, i get called a cheater all the frickin time because i know how to play call of duty... i've logged 24days on cod4, 9days on world at war (that game sucked, and i went back to cod 4 after i prestiged 6 times), 19days on MW2, 25days on black ops, and 16days on mw3.. that is a lot of experience, and i get called a cheater when i pull out 40 to 50 kills and single digit deaths... i'm literally doing nothing but playing the game....

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    I think it just seems like the Xbox community is more immature because people on Xbox wear their mics a lot more than people on other consoles do. This then means that you are always hearing their opinion, and people may have the same opinion on other consoles, but the majority of the time people don't wear their mics so just don't hear it. That's my guess.

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    well, thanks to everyone's feedback, um, well i have a fairly good connection, so split screening and Ground wars dont lag me ...


    when i play wii, i run into alot of players with mics, and they are like ''hello'', you MOAB them/get a high killstreaks, at the end, they (some, not all of them) say ''hacker'' the others are like ''congrats :l''...


    and when i splitscreen, my brother has his own gamertag, and i have mine, wich are completely different, so its not that possible to know whe are split screening.


    and i dont use his part of the screen to get me kills, i watch mine, and only mine, LOL

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    Its easy all you gotta do is block comunications with everyone except friends so you wont have to hear all them annoying immature people that talk crap and take this games to damn serious. You can do that on xbox dashboard