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Why Did You Ruin Hardcore???


Disclaimer; This is me venting a bit, whether this falls on deaf ears or not I could honestly care less. I just feel the need to vent and figured others who feel the same way can chime in and add their two cents.


So, if you're like me, you are one of those players that enjoys realism in games. Now don't get me wrong, I don't expect video games to be true to life, especially not the CoD franchise, because it was never designed to be a military simulation game. I do however, expect the dynamics of the game to be as close to real as possible. In a FPS the dynamics would be the interaction between players, i.e. killing eachother.


Personally, I can't stand it when I have to unload an entire magazine into an enemy just to kill him, because let's face it, that isn't even close to realistic. In the Core game modes it literally takes a dozen or more hits on an enemy to kill them, and god-forbid they have a vest on because you'll be unloading that entire magazine in order to put him down. The same goes for Sniper Rifles, if I have to shoot someone in the chest more than once with a Dragonov or a .50 cal in order to finish him off, than why in the hell would I want to use one?


This is why I choose to play in the Hardcore game mode types, because it is much more realistic in my eyes. When I shoot my MK14 into someone's midsection I fully expect them to fall to the ground in a slump and have that be the end of the fight, and for the most part in Hardcore this is true.


Now the reason I decided to write this post is because, as of the latest patches/nerfs/buffs, HC has become a shell of what it used to be. When I first started playing Hardcore and up until a month ago, Hardcore mode wasn't full of campers and tubers. Yes, there were some, but for the most part people moved around and didn't resort to cheap tactics for quick kills. Some people will disagree with this statement and say HC has always had campers, but in all honesty it was NEVER as bad as it is now.


Since they decided to change all this stuff in Hardcore mode (buffing vests, blast shield, etc) it seems to have had a direct correlation with the amount of cheap tactics people pull out in game. Now, I'm not complaining about people's play styles, if you want to sit in your corner and wait for half the game to get a kill, that's your choice, I'll get 30-10 and you can be happy with your 4 and 0.


What does piss me off, is that these noob kids who play Core all day long, come into a Hardcore match and expect to just run around like idiots around the map and cry and whine on the forums when they lose. They cry and cry and cry about weapons being too powerful, or that things like vests don't protect them like they do in Core and they need to be changed.


So what does Activision do? Caters to the Core players and totally F**KS UP Hardcore mode. Now you literally can't play a single match in HC without finding someone with a supervest, sitting in the corner somewhere, waiting for you to stumble into them.


It used to be, when I ran into a kid sitting in a corner, I would blast them with my shotgun or spray them down with an SMG and be on my way. Now I get a hitmarker or two before I'm dead and the kid STILL has some vest left for the next one or two people that make the mistake of moving.


Add to that the lag compensation BS and these kids feel like they actually have some sort of skills when it comes to playing CoD...

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    The only reason Hardcore matches take longer is BECAUSE they camp in corners so they don't die from just one shot. This has always held true in any game that has Hardcore gamemodes, whether you like it or not.
    I'm pretty sure that if Ballistic Vests and Blast Shield weren't buffed for Hardcore modes only (and I emphasize the word "only"), they would be useless. In fact, pre-patch, Blast Shield was useless in Hardcore, but now it's usable and makes it much more likely to survive an otherwise deadly explosion.
    Protip: Why not use the same tactics? You aren't going to survive in HC for very long, so pointstreaks are hard to come by... unless you're using Support. Include the Vests in your package. Don't be a retard and use Specialist, or even Assault. It'll make you look like an ass.

    Oh, and if you're complaining about TTK, it doesn't actually take a dozen shots, even against people with Ballistic Vests. It usually takes anywhere between one and six shots (really depends on the weapon, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns are obviously on the lower end of shots to kill). At most, against someone with a Ballistic Vest, it would take 12 hits, but that's only if you're stupid enough to use an SMG from very far away.
    I think you're talking about how much lead you shoot before being able to kill someone. In either case, save your damn ammo.

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      First off, I never said anything about HC matches taking longer, I could care less if they take the full 15 mins to complete or if the 7500 point cap is reached.


      Second, I ONLY play hardcore mode... so the fact that they "only" patched HC vests and Blast Shield is besides the point (and completely stupid considering Core is already a noob-fest of emptying mags to kill people).


      As for vests being useless without the buff, that's just retarded. I've always run with vests when I'm running and gunning, but now that they're so overpowered everyone and their brother runs with vests. 90% of the games I play the entire map is littered with vests, because if you're not running a vest you will succumb to someone who is.


      I will admit the blast shield was underpowered... but now... if you have blast shield and a vest you can survive a fricken SMAW landing RIGHT UNDER YOU FEET! I've even see people walk away from direct hits with rockets and tubes... Yeah that's totally hardcore bro.


      And sorry kid, save your "protips" for someone who buys into that whole "Can't beat em, join em" bull***t. I will NEVER sit in a corner and camp my *** off just so I can get a few cheap kills, considering how little skill that actually requires.


      And the fact that you say you can't get killstreaks in HC just shows that you have no idea wtf you're talking about. I've gotten several MOABs in HC while running and gunning (have one on video in my elite profile if you don't believe me). So give it up, you're a noob camper like the rest of them and you'll do anything to validate your inability to play the game like someone with skills and talent.

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        I like how you assume all these things about me. Sure, I'm not an all-knowing god at CoD, let alone HC, but since you clearly haven't seen me online, I can safely say that I also rush in HC, but it's just a much more stupid tactic than trying to find someone to shoot in HC.
        Camping is a legitimate tactic, most people just don't appreciate it when it happens to them. Rushing is a more primitive tactic, but it still works, and if you can often kill someone in one hit, why not? Oh wait, people still call bullcrap when they run into someone and get "panic knifed" (which I consider not to be a "noob" thing, but more of a test of your reflexes) or blown apart by a shotgun or quickscoper (the latter of which is stupid and requires a lot of luck or quick aquisition of a target, hence the name).


        As for killstreaks, I said they were hard to come by. I didn't necessarily say they were impossible to get, although if it looked like I implied it, I apologize.

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    lol people like you make me laugh, IT DOES NOT TAKE A FULL CLIP TO KILL IN CORE. It takes 3/4 to kill at most, also the mk14 is a 1 shot kill to the head in core which gets me to my next point......


    Hardcore players are very innacurate, this is the reason they say it takes a full clip to kill as they spray all over the place to get a kill. Go into any hardcore lobby and 80% will have accuracy below 10% maybe more.


    Blast shield working now was needed as all these sprayers used tubes to get their kills, and now you have some sort of help against the tubes and smaws. I play both core and hardcore (my friends only play HC) and yes there is a few campers on core but sometimes hardcore is ridiculous and to say its not is stupid. Also saying hardcore is harder to play than core is also stupid as its harder as you HAVE TO BE ACCURATE in core.


    Around 85% of players play core so why would the devs listen to the minority over the majority, sure there is a few annoying things like ricochet, dumbass team mates destroying your equipment and also face off should have HC aswell.

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      Hardcore players are very innacurate eh? lol. I'm sure the two or three snipers I know with accuracy over 50% would like to prove you wrong, but you can believe whatever you want.

      Personally I have a 16% accuracy, and the only reason it's so low is because I'm a run & gunner and spraying is sometimes necessary when you're dealing with 2 or more enemies at a time.


      As for Core being harder than Hardcore... that's your opinion mate. There's a reason why the majority of players who are under 18 enjoy Core more than any other game type, and it sure as hell isn't because it's harder...


      Hardcore was designed to be played using Tactics, not running around the map like a moron looking for other morons running around. In Core there are far more 50/50 firefights than any other game type, and to me and the people I play with that style of gameplay is for button mashing 12 year olds.


      Coordinating with your team, watching angles and corners, moving as a unit, now THAT is what Hardcore mode means to me and the members of my clan.


      With ballistic vests as overpowered as they are now, added on top of the now highly efficient blast shield, more and more people are bunkering down in corners and getting away with bullsh1t kills that NEVER would have happened prior to the buffs.


      To say that "85% of players play Core so no one is going to listen to Hardcore players" is pretty f'in ignorant. 90% of the 100+ people on my friends list that plays MW3 plays Hardcore mode, so just because you and your friends play Core does NOT make you the majority, nor does it make the opinions of Hardcore players any less valid. Thanks, nice try tho.



      Sidenote: This was never meant to be a debate about Core vs Hardcore, and to be honest this post has NOTHING to do with Core. Hardcore was the gametype that was affected by these bugged buffs, not Core. So quit telling me how Core takes more skill or whatever the f you think. I'm not talking about Core anymore because this is PURELY a Hardcore issue.


      If you want to debate the facts about Core vs Hardcore with me I'll be happy to reply to a seperate post about it.

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    There is definitely more tubing in HC than there is in core, but the camping is the same. People camp in core. People try to say they camp more in HC, no, wrong. The amount of camping is the same.

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      People do camp in core.  I'll see a few every now and then.  In HC, half the team is usually laying in a corner.  Play a few games of FFA in core, then play a few games in HC, big difference,  TDM and KC wont have as many as FFA but definately more,  DOM doesnt have much difference.  My personal experience with it. 


      Blast sheild needed a buff in HC.  It did nothing for you.  Vests have always given the player an advantage, thats why I run support on HC.  I mean, whats the point of wearing armor if 1 bullet will kill you anyway.  Body armor is fairly effective in this day and age.


      Maybe you ought to make sure your target is dead after you get a hitmarker with the mk14(not a run and gun weapon, btw).  You talk of their cheap tactics,  you're the one using an assault rifle with 1 hit kills. theres always uav, or flashbangs, or recon, or cordination with teammates that will give you the advantage over campers..  Be tactical when moving around.  Running around like a moron is for button mashing 12 yr olds, remember?

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        I agree, there is far more tubing and rockets in Hardcore and always have been. Mostly it's because in Core you can't one-shot kill someone with a blast from a tube unless you hit them direct or they're hurt already. To me that makes sense for Hardcore though, an explosion is an explosion, not much armor out there that can help you survive one.


        Which to be honest is the way it should work... if someone shoots a rocket beside me I should get blown up. I've never really had a problem with people using tubes and rockets though, in MW3 they only get so many grenades or rockets and they can't scavenge them like they did in MW2 (brilliant move by IW by the way).



        I agree as well, camping has always been around, in every game type in every game. And I also agree Hardcore TDM is a camper's paradise because of the fact that the only objective is to kill people. There is no incentive for people to run around and move to certain points of the map. I personally like that style of gameplay, I like being a ninja and moving around the map as stealthily as possible, not being forced to move out into the open to grab tags or cap a flag.


        I also agree vests have always give players and advantage... which is why I ask the question; "Why did vests need a buff in the first place??"


        You said it yourself, vests gave you a distinct advantage before, so why all of a sudden did the devs feel that they weren't effective enough? For some reason I think Clan Ops has a lot to do with it, since that's the time the majority of those Core kids come into Hardcore, because they're forced to. *shrugs*


        Just pisses me off, that when they go and change something like Vests and Blast Shield, how it completely alters the style of play most people choose to use. I mean, if someone keeps getting killed by corner campers... how long before the adopt the same style of gameplay just to survive?

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    5 walls of text...wtf...If i wanted to read a book , I'd read a book..

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      wolverinecm71 wrote:


      5 walls of text...wtf...If i wanted to read a book , I'd read a book..


      I know I can be long winded, especially when venting.


      I also know the attention span of most people is like 3 paragraphs.. so...


      To put this in terms you may find easier to digest; Hardcore Broken, me *****... please fix!



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    As a player who mostly plays HC I couldn't agree more with the OP. I don't know what the hell has happened in the last month or so, but seriously, it started with the vest buff....and now blast shield. Why are there more nube toobs....because I waste more than HALF if not 3/4 of my ammo on vests ...never mind the fact that you can double and triple up on vests giving yourself even more bullet immunity. I blasted a guy with a SMAW in the face...and we shot me. seriously. HC has been ruined by IW, the leaders in we don't give a rats fart about the HC.

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      And darwin67 wins the award for a player who's experience in HC TDM actually makes his reply credible.


      Thanks for the input mate, perhaps we should start a petition to remove the vest buff in HC... between your clan and mine that's 70+ people and I'm sure we could get more on board than that easy...


      See you on the battlefield!

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    The Blast Shield change didn't really alter anything. Are you guys playing Black Ops? Vests do more to reduce explosive damage, and I agree they are a bit out of whack due to the fact they offer additional health and protect damage to the head & limbs, in addition to offering a halo-style shield.