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Figured a way to beat every FMG akimbo player.

Well i know all of you are tired of people using FMG akimbo because of damage,fire rate and range.


I was testing every weapon against it.

So far:

- Assault Rifles: Mid range,strong so they can easily kill FMGAkimbos but only if its mid range.

- Sub machines: They are bad if you go face to face VS akimbo FMG's so kill em from behind

- Snipers - Not easy to snipe them since they keep shooting at you until they come close to you and kill you

- Shotguns - worst vs them.


But most successfull way i found is using MP9 (doesnt matter what attachment,i used silencer) and when usee them,just keep getting close to them but crounch and lay down.


Its hard to aim that fast with fmg akimbo since its big fire rate and all they do is just spray.


When you crounch n lay,they wont see it that fast so you got a chance to kill them.


It needs some practice for this but i suggest go in private match with ally and practice it.