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Patch Info. Thank you Edward B.


This morning after playing several hackers in TDM and SnD, I RQ'ed off the game and went to Activision support (Online Support). I was paired with an agent I was familiar with from my recent trip 1 week earlier. He was very descriptive and seems to know more about the Wii's Errors than I did. Thank you Edward B. (Might have been Edward A.) for your Very detailed Information, and best of luck to you.


From my interview with Edward, I gathered more than enough Info to know a Patch was coming out. He gave me a date, fixes, and other info.




He told me to expect it within 1-2 Weeks from today 7/21/2012



Hacks - Pretty much all the big annoying ones.

Multiple Glitches - He didn't know which ones, but the OOM and Wallbreach in Seatown are foresure.

Spawns - He himself mentioned this when I said the word Spawns.

Leaderboards - He said that the [G.O.W.] situation has been addressed in this patch. So the leaderboards will be clean for a month, then be hacked again.


-Weapons: He didn't say any in Particular but I feel the FMG9 is on that list.

-Deathstreaks: Again no specific names but replied with an All Caps "YES" when I asked if they would Nerf Dead Man's Hand.

Buffs: I didn't ask, but most likley there will be some.

Lag issues (Spec Ops): I feel stupid for not asking about this one, so no info is known.


Good stuff:

While their I asked him why they don't shut down sites such as Codeleakers and Geckocodes, he said they watch all sites suggested to them and thanked me. If you know of a site or YouTube channel, that displays codes to the Public, give it to Activision, and it could be shut down.


Hope this helped, if you get an Edward A/B on the Online support, he will know what your talking about!

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