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Joining a game at the end of a round



Do you know what is really really annoying? Coming into a game, only to find it has 10 seconds left, or even better, you join just in time to see scores flash on the screen, then you are back in the lobby. What is the only thing that's more annoying? Coming into a one in the chamber match after it has started, and being forced to spectate for the entire rest of the match. How has this gone overlooked for so long? Turn off mid game joins for OIC matches, and set a marker that disallows mid game joins on games with less than 60 seconds left on the clock (or less than 10 kills, 100 points, etc). It isn't that difficult.


To other players: stop being babies and leaving during the game when you are not winning. And stop leaving when the game is over. It's already a loss, so why bother leaving?