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I don't know if this is considered future title talk.

If it breaks the rules remove it.


Ok now onto the actual talk.

DLC in general

Ok I understand Xbox ELITE Premium/Founders get DLC before us PS3 guys.

But I think the free maps should be available to everyone on the same day because that's not really what we are paying for.

I also think that DLC Content should go like this:

BTW In the following post ELITE mean premium/founders

Xbox ELITE (1 Week)

PS3 ELITE + PC ELITE +Wii ELITE  = (3 or 4 days)

Xbox Reg (5 or 6 days)

PS3 + PC Reg +Wii Regular 


I think thats fair Xbox Premium get the DLC before PS3 and PC ELITE.

Also I think its fair that Premium no matter who get DLC After Premium/Founders.

Xbox regular get DLC Before other console regular.

So in total its 15 days before the last group of people get the DLC

And 10 or 11 days till Xbox regular get it.

  • Re: DLC

    In the agreement between activision and microsoft ALL DLC content will be downloadable on the xbox live marketplace a month earlier than any other console, that means ALL DLC; even the free ones.