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searching for a clan

hello everyone,

as you can see by the title i'm searching for a clan.

I play on ps3 and i'm searching for a clan where i could get some competitive experience.


i'm 16 (17 in november) and i'm from belgium so i would like to join a dutch speaking clan but if an english one is a better choice I won't hesitate too much, I also understand and speak a litle bit of german and french but that is rather irrelevant.


my psn is: maceio, my kd is around 1.93 and my w/l is a bit low but that's because I usually have to play alone.

I also have a pretty good headset so communication should not be a problem.

I also have a lot of cod multiplayer experience since cod 4.

I also am a founder elite member.


I am a reliable, dedicated and friendly player that can put the team first,

so if anyone would be interested send me a message on my psn preferably.

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    join my clan TDK just apply

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    Kush Killaz lvl 26 just hit the apply button

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    Hi if you're still looking for a great clan with good members then you should join Army of Valor. We are a growing PS3 Clan that competes in Clan Ops but if you don't have Premuim it's alright. We enjoy playing a variety of game modes and there will always be someone on to play with. It's a fun clan and you won't regret joining. If you would like to join apply here: http://armyofvalor.enjin.com/

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    r u any good at quickscoping?

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    Add me - whiterabbitdisco


    If you're interested, I can get you into MUGU aka Mug You!

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    join my clan cacm we got 4 golds 15 members level 10 u welcome to join

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    [-TD] | The Diseased Clan


             We are a New-Born Clan. We are starting to recruit and welcome PS3 Players around the globe.

    But, there is a bit of requirements. Do not worry, K/D or Prestige & Level Status us not a requirement.

    Some rules will be listed below and these rules are requirements to both the clan and clan website


    Visit our Clan Website:



    Clan Rules & Requirements

    Like any other clan the Diseased Clan has strict rules regarding the recruitment and behaviour of its members. These rules are implemented to ensure -TD is a small friendly clan where everyone knows each other, not a big one where people can randomly come and go. Breaking any of these rules will result in severe penalties.


    1. Maturity -We do NOT want disrespectful people in the clan. Anyone who makes racist remarks, flames other clans/players, starts fights, etc. will be kicked without exception. Please be MATURE!!! (recommended age 17+)


    2. Cheating- We do NOT allow cheating of any form or sort. If you are unsure of what is classified as cheating please ask me (BarrerSINISTER) or another officer or co-leader.


    3. Activity- We are always looking for committed members who are active. Anyone inactive for 3 weeks or longer will be demoted unless they have posted that they will be gone on the specified forum section. If you are inactive for 1 month without explanation you will be kicked without exception.


    4. Team games- We realize that events in real life may disrupt you during a team game. This is OK, but make sure that it does not happen too often, especially in team games where you not only let yourself down, but also damage your team mates' ratings.


    5. Recruitment- As of now we are only recruiting new members who have a supremacy power rating and are willing to be active and mature.



    We currently have 7 members. Please if you want to join go to our website and register then fill out the clan application in the menu bar. This will get you the invite from elite. Thank you for taking your time to read this.